Typical products


Our restaurant is much appreciated by food lovers that prefer genuineness and simplicity. The menu is decided by the chef according to the season and the availability of the ingredients and it’s always based on recipes of the Tuscan cooking tradition. In all our dishes we use exclusively local products, coming from our farm or other farms located within our area (mostly Mugello and Val di Sieve).


The following is the list of the variety of olives that we cultivate: Leccino, Frantoio, Moraiolo, Maurino that allows the production of an olive oil of delicate taste. During the period of the harvesting and pressing of the olives it is compulsory to taste the Tuscan “fettunta” (type of bruschetta).


Our jams are all genuine and home made using only fresh fruit from our farm without adding additives or preservatives of any kind.


Dinner "Tuscan menu" (1)20€ (*)
"Tuscan Platter" for two (2)30€ (2*)

(1) The “Tuscan Menu” dinner consist of a first dish, a second dish with side dish and a dessert. House wine and soft drinks are extra.
(2) The “Tuscan Platter” consist of mixed cold cuts and cheeses, bruschetta with olive oil, bruschetta with tomato, omelette. House wine and soft drinks are extra.
(*) All prices are VAT included