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The game of chess

Our class “Introduction to chess” is address to all those who are interested to get to know this ancient game still played today and recognized as sport by the International Olympic Committee. We will explain the basic rules, the algebraic notation useful to read books about chess and we will provide suggestions for more in-depth readings. Each participant will receive a booklet to follow the course. At the end of the class there will be some games among the participants or if the number f people would be enough there will be the chance to organize a small chess tournament. The short course will take place in two or three evenings, according to the availability and the number of participants.

Turicchi and the game of chess

Thanks to the “Statutes of Turicchi - 1455” we have the confirmation that the game of chess was practiced at the time and that was indeed one of the games that were allowed in the county of Turicchi.

XXVII Della pena del guocho vetato
…Ogni guocho sia et intendasi divietato excepto che questi, cioè che sia lecito guchare pulichamente al guocho delle tavole cho’ dadi et al guocho degli scacchi et al guoco de’ nàibi o carte, chome alla diritta o vinciperdi al trenta o simili.


Game of chess and children

It is possible to teach the game of chess to children from 5/6 years old. The game helps to develop the skills of socialization, aggregation and acceptance of rules. It also helps to develop memory, decision-making capacity and reflection. José Raul Capablanca (1888-1942), one of the greatest chess world champions, in his book “A Primer of Chess” wrote: …those that do not know the game of chess might belive that it’s such a difficult game that will overcome their capacity. Nothing could be further from the truth! With study and diligence anyone would be able to play in the correct way, with a few lessons…

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